Harriet Yale Russell

excavations #400 EXTRAPOLATION

48" X 36", MM ON WOOD, 2013
by George MacNaughton, July 14th 2013

Russell’s work, #400 Extrapolation, is at first seemingly static, as in a Mathematics Algorithm of Extrapolation, waiting for the Mathematician to continue during some undetermined ‘break’. There is tension here already yet perhaps the resolution, a simple extrapolation, is already at hand.

That is the mystery suggested here, perhaps resolved quite eloquently, Russell’s attention to stasis and balanced ‘finality’ in the perfection of the minor details, exquisitely portrayed shapes and textures in crowded but pleasantly compatible circumstances.

Mostly one sees realms of discrete, contained cells in equilibrium with other such ‘organisms’. There are some darker strokes ‘included’ here which may be potentially anathematic to harmony, even extrapolation. These seeming intruders are not cellular but do not seem capable of disturbing Russell’s overall harmony in the work.

Said dark lines and swatches may be a function of Russell’s insistence always on a ‘fair’ integrity of purpose and equity in portraying a complete overview of the Cosmos, humans by proxy for the viewers of her works.

For personal to profound interest Russell includes many details within and without her cellular elements in ‘Extrapolation’ which add to the potential for personal enjoyment of the work, from the personal to the profound. There is plenty here to regard and feast upon...   

With #400 Extrapolation Russell shows clearly with her Art that Beauty, even as an abstraction in this ‘Modern Art’ format is complex but always willing to be inclusive by nature. The viewer will find an actual portrait here, a portrait of a fine, harmonious moment ‘extrapolated’ from the constant, frenetic motion of time and space  

Moreover, ‘Interpolation’ correctly suggests that balance and harmony will always occur in time, even in the most abstract sense.  Perhaps one might capture a beautiful moment at any time without much more effort than paying attention and extrapolating a discrete snap-shot of harmony and beauty as the fabric of time and space pass along.

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