Harriet Yale Russell




big black drawings

ink drawings

color excavations







"I awake in the morning looking out my bedside window at a three million year old mesa edge that looks like it was once mud poured out of a bucket. The old mesa looks like it froze, embedded in place. It looks like if it rained it would start flowing again. It looks soft and as if a child folded it with their small hands.

Geology sticks out all over New Mexico. Layers of earth stand vertically. I feel excited to live so close to the earth's primal crust.

My paintings are done in layers of oil paint for color and wax for body. I like to carve them. I like the physicality. I like the excavation. I like the surprise when I hit color; it's like mining.

I am not a geologist. But I am interested in the shorthand drawings the geologists use to explain to us what is happening as the faults fold in on themselves and we have earthquakes, volcanoes and hot springs."

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